My front high surround speakers 9.1 dont make a sound during movie playback

I have a 9.1 channel system setup in my home theater. I am not a newbie by any stretch, but this is my first foray into a 9.1 setup. I can hear the test tones play fine during calibration on my Pioneer Elite SC-75 on my new front high speakers. I have selected the correct size on setup for all speakers. So when I am listening to a Bluray encoded with DTS Master HD audio track, the front high speakers are silent. All other 7.1 channels sound great, but I don't hear a sound out of the additional two new speakers. I thought I would hear SOMETHING out of them during a movie. Now they did play during a DTS audio cd that I tried. Am I missing something. I went to the bother of getting these extra speakers in the room. Will they not add anything to a movie experience? Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. are you sure that your source (the movie) was recorded in 9.1? it could very well be that your source is only 7.1 which would explain the silence.

    in general there is lots of 5.1 content, a fair share of 7.1 content but there may not be much 9.1 content.

    since your test tracks work apparently you hooked everything up correctly
  2. My understanding of the various sound encoding schemes with Bluray was that there are really only 7.1 encoded discs (dts master audio vs dolby truehd) at this point, but that some new receivers, like my SC-75 would somehow split certain channels to create the extra two channels needed for 9.1. I think this is how it works if I'm not mistaken.
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    well seeing as how i wasnt overly familiar with 9.1 systems i read into it a bit more..

    from what i garnered the receiver needs to support "dts neo x" or "audessy dsx" which can expand from a 5.1 or 7.1 source to your 9.1 or 11.1 speakers. on sources that are 5.1 or 7.1 it uses post processing to emulate 9 channel sound. keep in mind that this isnt quite the same as if the source was recorded in 9 channels (as that will always sound better) but its better than nothing.

    you might want to read some info here and here

    i looked quickly at your receiver and it does state dts neo x support however what i find confusing is that it states both that dts neo x can expand a source up to 11 channels AND that it downgrades dts neo to 7.1 as well. in the manual the only thing i could find about enabling it is to set your receiver to "auto surround" or "digital" modes.

    from reading a bit more into it i'd say to check your receiver modes. it could be that you have it set on a mode which doesnt activate dts neo x.

    on a side note.... i'm also using a pioneer receiver (photos in signature link). they make some pretty decent hardware although my system is nowhere near the class yours is in.

    if you still have issues even after trying different modes report back on what you tried.
  4. SSDDX You are correct. I needed to select DTS Neo X and the extra speakers worked well. The system sounds spectacular. I watched Pacific Rim in 3D with the DTS Neo X in THX mode. All 9.1 channels of thunderous sound. A very nice receiver. I recommend it highly (Pioneer SC-75). Thanks for your input!
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