AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-Core Processor Need a better (3-pin) Heatsink. 4 pin if it will work

Hello, my friend is in need of a better 3-pin heatsink, well the cpu fan header is 3-pin. is it possible to just use a 4pin? without using the CPU fan header.

Here is his processor AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-Core Processor and it needs a heatsink bad, Randomly shuts down, because of temperatures of 90 degrees Celsius. i was hoping you guys could help. I have some Thermal paste already some coolermaster high performance stuff doesn't have a exact name. or if you could recommend a heatsink that comes with better thermal paste, that would be great also.

If you could help please do.
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  1. A Cooler Master TX3 or Cooler Master Hyper 212 and If there's not enough room try a Arctic Cooling Alpine series
  2. Okay, i believe there is quite a bit of room, but the cpu fan connector is on a 3 pin is that an issue?
  3. Nope the tx3 is what I have and it's a 3 pin it's fantastic also pickup some Arctic Silver thermal paste for a new heatsink. :D
  4. So the coolermaster stuff i have is no good? i bought it from a local pc store for like $20
  5. Will i need to replace the current mounting bracket, it looks roughly the same as what the tx3 uses.
  6. Haha is The cooler master stuff good lol you crack me up xD
  7. Yea its really good
  8. What does your cooler master heatsink look like how many copper pipes?
  9. Its got a single pipe, its not mine, but so is the thermal paste i have good enough, like will i have to buy the other stuff for better performance?

    my current computer is 4770k OC to 4.5GHz, gtx 770, 16gb ram, h100i (h8 the fans).
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    Nah your setup is fine but one single heat pipe is so bad they don't make them anymore there so ineffective a tx3 with 3 heat pipes would bring it down by over 70% I have 60c under MAX load and 30c while idling
  11. Okay so just get the tx3 and, will the current mounting brackets be sufficient, it is a Coolermaster heatsink, it just sucks..
  12. and looking at this video its 4 pins
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