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Hey guys, I am building a new system and I am putting in an AMD Athlon X4 760K. I will mostly be keeping it at the 3.8GHz, but if I need the boost I will probably put it at 4.2GHz. I need to know what cooler I should get, whether it be water cooling, or just a good fan. Hope to see some good recommendations! I know very little about cooling, but just enough. Thanks for any help and advice! :3
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  1. You won't need much. Just about anything with aluminum fins and a few copper heat pipes will do for that CPU. You could easily get away with something like a TX-3, and overkill would be like a Hyper 212. What's your budget and where are you buying?
  2. The Hyper 212 EVO or the TX3 EVO are the two that are the best on the market also pick up some Arctic Silver thermal paste.I don't know much about water cooling because I'm a clumsy and Ibreakthings
  3. damric said:
    What's your budget and where are you buying?

    Well, I would like to keep it around $50. Preferably as cheap as I can get but still a good cooler, I don't wanna save $10 and get a really bad cooler. As for where I'm buying, wherever I can get it for the best price :3 I am using PCPartPicker so I can look on there for the best prices.
  4. For 50 you can get a Hyper 212 EVO with arctic silver paste and it's only 40 it's better to have overkill than lessakill
  5. 212 Evo is usually around $30 and would definitely keep this chip cooled. I grabbed a TPC=612 because it was on sale and it's totally massive overkill for 760K.
  6. Even the TX3 EVO would keep it cooled
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    These Athlons are more limited by TDP throttling when overclocking so yeah I would spend less on a cooler and more on a mobo. They just don't really get hot unless you are on the flimsy stock cooler, which for this chip the stock cooler is total rubbish.

    At $21, the TX3 will be more than enough cooling, but for only a few bucks more the 212 Evo will definitely slay the beast. The TPC-612 is same price after rebate (just like mine was). It's like the 212 but with an additional huge vapor chamber extreme measures.
  8. Thanks for all the help guys! So, in short: The TX3 will get the job done for a lesser price, but the 212 Evo with Artic Thermal Paste will never let it get hot again! :3 Thank you all!
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