AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series Artifacts (large areas of displaced pixels)

My AMD Graphics card seems to be one of the most glitchy pieces of hardware in the market!

Firstly, I have large areas of (roughly) 16x16 squares of the wrong region of screen flashing around the screen (they can be as little as 16x4 pixels if the system is under little stress...) They appear more often when the system is under stress, and after going through lots of stress, it flashes lots and very often for a few days... Also, they often become more apparent while playing Goat Simulator with all settings on max and no Multi Sample Anti-Aliasing on...

Secondly, The driver often crashes... I have moments of the entire display freezing for 3 seconds, then the screen stays black for 5 seconds, all audio freezes aswell...

Finally, I can't plug my only monitor into my HDMI port, it doesn't recognize it if it isn't in the primary DVI-D port, Multiple monitors only work if they're plugged in in the same order as the layout on the GPU. (DVI-D, HDMI, DVI-D, so on...)

In an attempt to fix these, I have;

None of which have made any difference...

Here is a video, It isn't very good quality since screen capture doesn't show it, but hopefully it'll help you figure out what is going on...

Thanks in advance if anyone can fix any of these problems!
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    you can't fix this, your AMD card has had it. You are going to have to buy a new one. I do like AMD products but sometimes people get bad ones, though this is not common it isn't good either. If you wanted help looking for a new card I would be happy to help.
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