amd a10 7850k or i5 4440

Im getting a new pc for home use
I'll be doing java programming and little Photoshop stuff
I will also play games at 720p at low settings without a discrete graphics card for at least 2 years from now
Should i still get the i5 4440

Also i have a corsair vengeance 8gb running at 1600mhz

Is the a10 7850k ok with 1600mhz or should i get a 1866mhz
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  1. JimF_35 said:

    what about gaming part?
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    The R7 graphics core in the A10-7859k is more powerful than the Intel HD 4600. I have not seen benchmarks in a while so let's just say the difference is 20% - 25%. That means the R7 iGPU could probably run some games at medium settings at 720p resolution.

    In the longer term, getting the Core i5 is the better choice because if you install the game GPU in both Intel and AMD build, you will get better results with Intel. If you plan on replacing the CPU when you install a GPU, then that is a different story. Overall, it depends on what is more important to you a more powerful CPU core to finish up Photoshop projects faster and probably a little faster program compiling performance, or do you want better game performance?

    It can be boiled down into the following two hypothetical situations:

    1. Longer times to finish compiling and rendering (say another 5 - 10 minutes), but better game performance.

    2. Quicker compiling and rendering times, but lower FPS performance (say about 15% fewer FPS).
  3. OK then I'll be taking the i5 4440
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