MSI GTX 760 4GB with Vs650 PSU ??

Will i have any issues with the combination like system overheat,crash,bsod,shutdown or no powerup??

Please explain if any and can someone please tell me whats the big difference with vs 650 or cs 650??
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  1. look up those power supplies in question and see how many amps are produced on the 12v rail

    this is a calculator

    basically you have the 12v rail which powers your GPU if your GPU needs 200 watts of power then you will need at least 17 amps on the 12v rail

    amps multiplied by volts gives you wattage output
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    650 watts is more than fine for that card. It's minimum suggested Power Supply is 500w.
    The CS SERIES is a semi-modular PSU, meaning that only the main cables are hardwired into the system. You can pick and choose what other cables are hooked up. Very handy when it comes to cable-management. It also has more PCIe connectors, & flat, low-profile cables. It's also Gold efficiency rated if that means a lot to you.

    The VS series is more value oriented. Non-modular (meaning they are all hardwired in and cannot be removed) have less connectors and are standard looking wires with a black mesh sleeve over them.

    Either will work. Just depends on if the CS series features are worth the extra cost to you.

    Hope this helped.
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