Dell UltraSharp U2713HM vs Asus PB278Q

Which is better for gaming? Dell cost $30 more. Asus also comes with different cables. I got a single r9 290. Most of the time I play Titanfall, Dota 2 and other famous games like AC, Batman etc.
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  1. both are pretty good monitors and but Asus is one i would pick for it's better response time. With Dell, people have been reporting problems like it has bit of bad backlight bleed and noticeable crosshatching. Dell has little bit better color profile but that would be hard to figure it out. Rest depends on your warranty services, who serves better. Again for me, Asus is way to go :)
  2. Thanks for the input. :)

    Any other comment? :D
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    dency45 said:
    Thanks for the input. :)

    Any other comment? :D

    Both monitors have LED backlighting, a mild level of anti-glare coating, adjustable stands, the same set of standard inputs, and the flexibility of being able to mount the monitor directly onto a wall. 1 feature of Dell U2713HM is that it offers a security lock slot to protect your monitor from being accessed without permission. I think that will be all from my side :D
    Good luck ;)
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