Will a cheap USB sound card ruin headphone audio quality?

I just got my razer kraken pro. Unfortunately the mic doesn't work. I did some research and people suggested that using a USB sound card fixes it. I dont wanna spend too much on these soundcards. So my question is will a cheap sound card ruin the audio quality of the razer kraken pro? Also if u know any other fix for the mic, please do tell me. Thanks.
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  1. "Improvements" in audio quality do to sound cards are usually placebos.

    Its likely your computer's motherboard already has a decent sound card.

    If you want a mic I would recommend getting a stand alone mic.
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    Sound cards are usually better than on-board, but only make a difference for quality headphones, not something low end like a Razer headset.

    If you're forced to buy a sound card to fix your headset then you wasted money, and should return said product.

    Also, a clip on mic plus quality headphones is better quality wise.
  3. Have you ensured your audio recording settings are correct in your OS?

    You can do this by right clicking the speaker icon in your taskbar and selecting recording devices. Make sure the "line in" device is set as the default recording device. If there is no "line in" device, right click in an empty part of the device menu and ensure "show disabled devices" and "show disconnected devices" are checked off. Then, if the device appears, right click it and select "enable device."

    Report back your results and we shall go from there.
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