Trying to save even more money on a high price/quality custom gaming PC

I am trying to build a high price/quality custom gaming PC, but i am a little over budget (800EUR)
I live in Holland so computer parts are a bit more expensive here than in the US. I will try to buy all parts from as it is the best shop in Holland, but now to the point: Can i save more on this build without sacrificing gaming power too much?


Motherboard: ASrock Z87 extreme4

CPU: i5 4670K


RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB DDR3-1600

HDD: Western Digital Blue 1TB 3,5 Inch

CPU cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

Optical drive: Samsung 24x DVR

Case: Zalman Z9 Plus Black Midi Tower

PSU: Seasonic S12G-550
(the PSU is a bit to weak to OC the system and not futureproof enough, but I am not a PSU expert so if someone knows a good 650w PSU that would be great!)

Alltogether its 884,09 EUR which is 80 euro's over budget not a big deal, but if you please have some tips to get the price down as far as possible without sacrificing quality.
Thank you in advance!
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    The only improvement i would suggest is the Psu . Get a Corsair TX-650 V2 SMPS which is about the same price as the seasonic
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