WD My Passport 1TB not recognised, not initialized, not able to recover data


After my Sony xperia mobile by mistake fell on my disk, My WD 1TB My Passport is unrecognised by any OS or any system wherever I connected.
For troubleshooting purpose I had bought a new USB cable, but its of no help.
Its listed in the bottom part of Disk Management though, but shows Not Initialized, and trying to Initialize gives I/O error(even after changing ports/systems/cable).
The disk is not completely dead as it is displayed also on the connected USB devices list and a reading sound comes which ends with a beep for sometime after its connected to a system, which indicates that it is getting read, but unfortunately not recognised under My Computer neither shown as mounted on Linux.
I have tried n number of recovery tools available online, of the likes, Remo, Yodot, iCare, Stellar Phoenix and many more. Most of them detects My Passport but lists the size as 0. Even I tried creating Disk Image file but it too is of no use.

I still think there might be an answer, may be I have not tried my best, other than shelling out $$$ for recovery or replacement from WD(mine is in warranty) as I want my data back and willing to research more.

Please help me with your wisdom!

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    chinopk said:
    First of all, I assume your My Disk was running when your phone fell on it.
    Ok, now after connecting your disk does it beep beep beep ??
    can you feel the that drive itself is spinning inside the box ?

    Most important the software you are trying to use are for working drives, they will make your drive worse if you keep using them on this disk.

    Give me above details for further steps.

    Guide Recovery Team

    Thank you for your reply.

    yes it was running when the phone fell on it.After I connect the hard disk, it makes a click click sound.It seems like the drive is going to spin but gets hindered due to something.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do
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