Updating a workstation with a new GPU

Hello Tom's community. I would like to ask if R9 270X GPU would fit and work my current PC.
It is HP x4600. System settings.

I am mostly concerned about about my PSU 475W (will it handle the GPU?) and about the card length (will it fit in the 16.8 x 45.6 x 45.0 cm case). I would be really appreciated if you answer my question :)
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    I believe it would fit your desktop. It should fit a 475W PSU . However, why are you installing a DirectX 11.2 card on a DirectX 10 PC? That's simply bottlenecking.
  2. Thanks for the answer. I am installing this Gpu in current PC, because i am building a new pc, and for now i' ve got enough money for GPU. So i thought why not buy it now and try installing it on my current PC, while buying other parts :D
  3. Oh, okay. But why don't you install a GT 610 first and then get a better graphics card with your newly built PC? The R9 270X isn't bad, but gets behind decent cards like the GTX 760, for only $36 more.
  4. OK thank you for advice :)
  5. Might want to check the PSU andprobably look for a better one, generally recommend a good 500 with at least 24 AMPs on the 12 volt rail for a rig with a 270X (a 760 woul be more like 500 w/ 30 AMPs), the HP prebuilt comes with a '475' which probably is actually close to 400 or less less continuous watts and underpowered for either GPU, HP generally uses the cheapest PSUs they can in prebuilts and aren't really made to support higher end add ons- they want you to come to them and pay premium prices for upgrades.
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