Can i play call of duty MW3 in 2 players PC

Hi!! guys , so i got a pc besides xbox but in xbox i could play in two player with my friends next to me with connecting 2 controllers or more.. But can i play 2 players in pc, i don't wanna play multiplayer cause that requires more than one pc or internet connection, basically i want to play with them on a single pc, so is it possible to play like with buying two mouse and keyboards or doing some other stuff??all answers would be appreciated THANKS in advance...
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  1. On Pc no you can host a private match and if he brings over his laptop or something and you guys can play over lan
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    What you're talking about is "Split-screen", which is not featured in the PC version of Call of Duty. You will need two PCs in a local network.

    Generally PC games do not support multiplayer on a single screen. The only game I can think of that does is Rayman: Origins.
  3. Thanks for your kind answers
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