CPU shuts down randomly after move

I moved my desktop from my home to my office. Now I can turn on the desktop and will work for a while but then it will randomly shut down. I have moved to a different electrical outlet and mixed the plugs up but it did not help. There are ZERO error messages, no BSOD, and it does not restart, it just turns off without warning. There are otherwise no problems with the computer. It is running fine. It just keeps turning itself off. Not sure where to start.
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  1. Hey,

    you can start with installing a program to monitor your temperatures. Something like this http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html

    Maybe while moving your PC your CPU cooler got displaced and thus your CPU is starting to overheat after some time which would then lead to your PC shutting itself down to prevent damage from the overheating.
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