Dual Different Rams Both DDR2 800 running @667 why

I have 2 Rams Both 800MGz
1 Kingston 800MGz
1 Corsair 800MGz
They run @800MGz Separately
They run @667MGz togather
Why ?
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  1. In dual channel mode it is extremely important that the 2 sticks of memory be MATCHED in every aspect; brand, timing, voltage, speed, manufacturing date/batch, etc. If not, problems can arise. That is why dual channel memory is sold in matched pairs.
    It also appears that in the SPD tab, the XMP (profiles) do not match. That may be one reason they can't auto adjust.

    You can try going into BIOS and not using XMP. Then setting every single timing the same as the weakest stick. But it may still not help.
  2. With DDR2 you need to manually set they up, go into BIOS and set freq to 400 (800 as it's DDR DOUBLE data rate), then the proper timings, for these I'd try 6-6-6-18, believe these are 1.8 sticks so try DRAM voltage at 1.85 initially - if no joy with those settings try same and raise the MC (memory controller) voltage + 0.06, Mobo and CPU not listed so if Intel, guessing the MC voltage will be the NB or Northbridge if an AMD Mobo look for CPU/NB voltage
  3. what happen if i simply Over clock it
    I have
    AMD Athlon II X2 245
    ASUS 5450
  4. Try taking it up as suggested above
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