Installed new graphics card (gtx660)

I installed a new graphics card (gtx660) and now my PC would just hang at "verifying dmi pool data" I have done the basics of clearing the CMOS, trying different HDD's, making sure the first boot is HDD, trying to access the the bios menu with the graphics card in though it just freezes. I can't use my HDD when I revert to integrated graphics.

I'm sure there is more I have done but I would really appreciate your help.

System specs:
OS: Windows 8.1
CPU: fx 4300 (4core)
12gb ram ddr3
Gpu: gtx660 2gb
750watt psu corsir
1tb HDD

Sorry if I have missed any specs

-Kirk Purdy
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  1. this may seem silly, but do you have the power connectors plugged in?

    best thing to do would be to boot up using integrated gpu, then make a backup of your files, then reinstall windows
  2. What is your GA-78LMT-USB3 motherboard revision level? GIGABYTE's website shows there is a rev. 5.0 so that model has undergone many revisions during its model life.

    Are you using the latest motherboard BIOS Version for your specific motherboard revision?
  3. My rev is 4.1 and I will of course see if my bios needs to be updated I already had a gtx 660 in my PC that worked perfect but it died and I got it replaced with this one.
  4. Tried all that and yet nothing the same thing keeps happening
  5. When your original GeForce GTX 660 died it may have damaged your motherboard.
  6. ko888 said:
    When your original GeForce GTX 660 died it may have damaged your motherboard.

    I thought that so I got a new motherboard and yet the same thing happened
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    Then the replacement GeForce GTX 660 has a problem.

    Borrow a different discrete graphics for troubleshooting purposes.
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