Asus all in one PC - Please help with Processor speed question

Hey guys, so i used to have a samsung laptop that I used for work and mild gaming, and by mild gaming i mean i used to play diablo 2... I am looking to buy the new expansion but I was running 2.5 ghz processor on the laptop.

My question is this, this is the link the the All in one PC I wanna but and it has a 4th gen intel i3 proc. running at 1.7ghz speed....... Would this be enough to run diablo 2? and multitask? websurfing, youtube, excel creations.... I just wanna know before I buy... i really like asus and the pc looks nice.

this is the link

Please reply asap
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  1. its very good pc for picture viewing video watching web surfing but not for gaming.
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    sorry for not providing full picture,the thing is (my opinion u can agree or disagree )this future as touch screen and all in one its not wort spend money cause your not gonna able to upgrade the parts(if we talking about gaming). that's my point of you .
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