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WoW 2014 (WoD and beyond) - what performance will I get with this build?

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April 12, 2014 4:04:55 PM

Hi all,

As the title states, below my build as of currently:

CPU: Intel i5-4670
RAM: Kingston 2x4GB
GPU: Asus Ge-force GTX 780 3GB
HD1: Adata SSD 256 GB
HD2: Seagate 1TB
PSU: Be quiet! straight power E9 700W + 80 gold
Cooler: Be quiet! Silent wings 2
Case: Coolermaster Centurion 6

Last time I built a pc with an i3-2100 processor that was supposed to last properly through MoP but it became a horrible experience due to the new graphical changes to the game.

So this time I want a pc that is not as outdated and still is a good pc overall. I have around 2000-2200$ budget for the pc so if you see changes for the better than please let me know.

Some explanations on my choices:

Intel i5-4670: I chose this because I don't need K-multipliers as I won't overclock.
MSI Z87-G45: I chose this over GD65 because I don't overclock and read it had a good performance.

I am interested to read your responses! Thanks!

Best solution

a b Ý World of Warcraft
April 12, 2014 4:17:34 PM

Should be able to max out nearly any game on the market (and those coming out for the next year at least).
April 12, 2014 4:29:45 PM

If your building a new PC to specifically play WoW on then your primary focus should be your Cpu and overclocking it as high as you possibly can. With the new Nvidia "wonder driver" that came out last week we gained easily 10-15+ fps since it reduced cpu overhead and moved some of the reasources to the graphic card but even with that WoW is a old as shit Cpu bound game. The difference between a stock Intel i5-4670 @ 3.5 ghz (guessing on that speed at stock) and one at 4.5 ghz is night and day. You could buy a titan black or even 2 titan blacks in sli and not receive the same fps increase you would from getting a good OC on your cpu and having a good aftermarket cooler. I would absolutely get a K variant quadcore and the Noctuah d-14, read up on some overclocking guides here on tom's and go to town. If your budget is tight lower the gpu to a gtx 770 and save yourself $200 and put it into those 2 items i just mentioned.

Im running a 4930k @ 4.7 ghz with a gtx 770 and a noctuah and loving life in WoW, 100+ fps in open world 50+ in the middle of Org on Tichondrius at a peak time. My build was all individual upgrades over time, and I also OC'd way after I bought my Cpu and it was by the far the greatest increase in fps.
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