Power Supply Unit died/ unstable internet.

A few days ago i was online and suddenly web pages wouldn't load. It said i wasn't connected to the internet. So after waiting a few minutes and refreshing the screen, i decided to just shut the computer down. When I went to turn it back on, it wouldn't turn on at all. I'm guessing the power supply unit died. (This is the second time it's died in 7 months). I've got the old computer out here hooked up to the internet (through a router) and the internet has been very unstable since the PSU died. And by unstable, I mean it goes out about twice an hour. Even though the network connections in the control panel say "connected" and the smartphone says "connected to WiFi"
I actually do not have connection, because web pages won't load. It'll stay disconnected for about 2-3 minutes, then start working again. I called our tech support at my local internet provider and he was absolutely useless. He told me to unplug the router from the wall for 1 minute and problem will be solved. WRONG!
So my question is, could the PSU dying have caused my router to go bad, resulting in unstable internet?
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  1. The PSU from your PC won't affect the internet connection to the Router which would be your ISP's concern.

    Your PC PSU would affect your PC though. If this is the second time the same PSU has died in 7 months you need to replace it with a strong reliable PSU. If your PSU soen't work properly it won't put out correct voltages. I your case it looks like you are getting voltage variations. The components on the PC's motherboard are meant to only work with pretty tight Voltage tolerances. If you run outside of these there's fair chance you will permanently damage components in the PC - CPU, motherboard, RAM, etc.
    So if the bad PSU has damaged the motherboard on board ethernet circuitry, your internet access will be either sporadic or on-existent.
  2. 1st Thing to do is establish if is a fault with your Equipment or a issue with your ISP

    Because it says your connected - meaning you have connection to your hardware - but cannot load pages - meaning your internet is failing - is pointing to your ISP

    Ring your ISP and tell them your internet is Dropping out consistently
    You have a Smart Phone -- When your internet stops on your PC does it also Stop on your Phone ?? (Turn Data off so your only using Wifi)
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