Asus rampage motherbord with 2x sapphire hd 7950 boost?t

I've got recently a motherbord from a frien of me; asus formula rampage 1. And i wanted to buy a graphic card for it, is it possible to take two amd sapphire hd7950 on it?
My dad thinks my motherboard isn't that strong enough to hold both of them.
I've a quad core processor from intel with 2.88 gh for each core.
I've a 350 watt. Power suply.
I've 4 gb ddr2 memory.
Is this possible?
I have everything at home, but not yet the graphic cards because i'm not yet sure about it.

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    Which specific rampage, and CPU? The new ones will handle it no problem. The rest of the system not so much.
    You need new ram, you need a new PSU, and based on those likely a new CPU.
  2. It's the rampage 1. For so far i know, that's what is they say on the box.
    Also i can't see now what for specefic cpu i've because i can not start my pc. I don't have aonitor inplug at this moment.
    The only thing i know that the cpu is bought at the seem moment as the motherboard.
    And that it is a intel with 4 cores and 2,88 gh.
    I can not change the ddr2 memory because the motherboard can only use ddr2.
    I hope that this is more information.
  3. Ah I see. Depedning on the CPU, which is likely a core 2 quad, it would probably bottleneck the two card. I would say start with one and go from there.
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