SSD in RAID 0 or 2 seperate drives?

I've just gotten 2 Intel 730 480GB SSD to upgrade my current Intel 520 240GB SSD.
Would it be better to run both drives in RAID 0 or 2 separate drives?
Like OS in one drive, applications, games, data, scratch disk etc... in the other drive.
Or just RAID them and get one big 1TB drive?

I'm a game and software developer and gamer so my workflow tends to be more heavy. Some of the stuff I do:
Web Development (Ruby on Rails, SQL, etc...)
Mobile Development (Android, Eclipse, etc...)
Programming and Compiling (Visual Studio)
3D Modelling (Blender)
Game Development (Visual Studio)
Textures (Photoshop)
Games (Battlefield, etc...)
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    I will recommend to use the SSD in separated drive, because 1) raid only has the best benchmark scores, but not in the real world usage, 2) There is a 100% chance your RAID volume will fail, then you have the risk to lose the data, even you may recover the data, but it will take time. 3) if you only need more space then using the SSD raid0, just like me.,3485.html
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