Will a reformatted hard drive with windows 7 work with a new gigabyte motherboard?

Right now I have a hard drive with windows 7 on it but I'm using a lame OEM motherboard. I would like to move this hard drive over to my new build so I don't have to spend $100 on a windows 7 disk. So if I reformat it can i move it to a new motherboard without any problems?
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    Windows 7 can only be transferred to a motherboard with the same SOCKET (supports same CPU's). This is considered a "repair" process for when a motherboard repairs and you replace it with the same exact board, or same socket.

    If you REFORMAT Windows 7 would install fine, but you would not be able to Activate.

    *You can however, at least TRY, because I've heard of it working in some cases even though it goes against Microsoft's official policy.
  2. You MUST realize that "REFORMAT" means you wipe ALL of the information off the HDD and start blank. So you have NO Windows on it, and MUST re-install from a CD.

    To prevent such a disaster, Windows usually refuses to let you Format the C: drive that contains itself.

    As photonboy suggests, wiping that old drive clean and then re-installing in the "new" machine with the new mobo IS a good idea. But you need that Windows Install CD to do it.

    By the way, an even better way to wipe a HDD and get any weak sectors fixed up is to do a Zero Fill operation on it using some third-party utility - Windows does not do this job.
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