Core i5 100% CPU Usage with 1080P Video?

Well .. as title says i got a problem , i was just fine this morning but about 2 hrs ago i got into this problem.
The thing is that whenever i try to load a video or play a game like Tera Rising which i play often ... my CPU Usage goes to 100%! I took an screen shot while playing the 1080p Video with core temp opened and the temps never went beyond 60 and now i have been runing Prime 95 for about 10 mins and Temps never exceed 71 Degrees so that makes me think that it isnt a bad heatsink installation since my room is usally around 30 -31 ° at idle my machine is at 38- 39.
Its driving me crazy to figure out what could be the problem.
At first i though it was the OC i have on my GPU but that didnt make a change at all the problem was the same .. Now i went from 35FPS in the main City of Tera Rising ( Velika) where tehre are bunch of players and stuff around , to freaking 3 - 5 FPS its unplayable

Heres the Pic:

And my specs:

CPU: Core i5 4670K
Cooler: Corsair H60 - 2013
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z87MX-D3H
PSU: Corsair RM650
GPU: R9 270X at 1130 - 1470
RAM: Corsair Vengance PRO 2X4GB
HDD: Seagate 2TB ST2000DM001
CASE: Corsair 350D

As u can see this was recently build and it makes me get sad alittle bit to start having problems so early.
PS: Running Windows 8.1 with the lastest updates
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  1. Does this happen with all media players you use?? Also how long as this been happening? if it is new then there might be a process running that should not be..perhaps something you did not see got installed that is doing this, This happened to me a few times when I tried installing freeware or open source software that was not what it said it was and I thought my CPU was having s stroke. Do a virus/malware scan..and uninstall anything that seems out of place and reboot. I have had issues with HIgh CPU usage with VLC when playing certain kind of media...mostly gameplay I recorded with Shadowplay but it only happens with VLC.
  2. I was fine this morning as i said , then i left my desktop downloading files using Jdownloader for about 3 hrs and when i got back it was like this .... Now cant play anything at all and well it happens with all media players not just VLC. i dont have too many programs besides Adobe Suit which i use alot and the Games like BF4,Skyrim, NFS ETC.
  3. Sorry I did not get back to you....Have you fixed this yet?
  4. Nop , well is fine at least you tried to help out , but is sad to see how the majority of the ppl in this forum just answer the easiest questions like " Who is better AMD or Intel" or like "Which CPU should i buy for gaming" And when someone actually need help no one cares . Oh well what can i do about that .... Thanks . I re- mounted the cooler with new thermal but is still same.... I will try to figure out .
  5. No worries mate. I will look it up as I like to try and learn about CPUs anyway. I fit it in where I can as I have things I need to do for school. Also reading your post gave me an excuse to start learning more about AMD CPUs and chipsets. I will get back to you
  6. Well it looks it is fine now ... i went into the BIOS since the last thing i remember that i modified was the timming of the RAMs, i put them in manually but for my surprise i put 8-9-9-24 instead of 9-9-9-24.....
    Is still alittle bit werid since i was able to use the PC like i normally do all the morning even with the wrong timming... but oh well... its been fine now so far.
  7. Best answer
    Crap sorry I got mixed up I was reading two different posts with the same issue..The other had the same problem but is was an FX6300 with an Asus 970Chipset MB.....But I guess it is ok now, yeah. But I am glad it works now...usually when a CPU is throttling like that it is software related. I was looking up stuff about AMD for a bit...does not matter now i guess
  8. Yep i wa slike " what AMD? xD" but anyways ty for the help i will pick u as solution since one else tried to help me at all, and hopefully i dont have any more porblems in the future related to this. So far its been great. If not i wil have to revive this post xD
  9. Thanks mate...I would have liked to be more helpful but I am glad your CPU is not going into cardiac arrest now.
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