Please, serious help with my power supply here.

I ordered a psu online and it came mishandled. The outer box was broken. In case of the psu, the a part inside the psu was broken and out of position. the part looked like a coil. I have applied for a replacement but i am not 100% sure to get the replacement. If i dont, will my psu work?? Should I open up the top cover and paste the coil like thing on its position or something? Please help me!
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  1. Um no that sounds sketchy and won't work I mean you can if you have the money to replace all the parts that go off like fireworks Lol.
  2. No. If a component has broken off on the inside, the PSU should NOT be used. If you are extremely lucky, the missing part would cause the PSU to fail to even turn on. A little less lucky, and an absent coil would prevent proper filtering, and your system would merely be unstable. More likely, the outputs would be nothing like what they should be, causing damage to attached parts.
    "Pasting" a loose component in place does nothing for its electrical connections, nor does it address any other likely physical damage the underlying stresses that knocked it off probably also caused.
  3. If something is visibly damaged inside the PSU, it is no longer safe to use, for your parts or for you. You run risks of electrical shocks or fire depending on how it has been harmed.

    If its from a legitimate site and a decent company you will have no issue getting an RMA.
  4. This has already been pretty well covered, but the 'coil' is most likely an inductor, probably for filtering. Any PSU (or component at all, for that matter) should NEVER be used when something is visibly damaged on it, as you're at risk of electrical failure which could lead to serious damage elsewhere in the system, and fire or electrical shock in rare cases. RMA that unit and get a replacement; you shouldn't have to accept a damaged product that has the potential to cause serious harm.
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It is broken and trash now. you can't replace and deal with it with some 'paste'. PSU are serious equipment of taking and modifying regulating power for the different parts connected, and can't be messed with even a little without potentially causing a fire, if not a electrical short.
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    The product i have is seasonic s12ii 620w psu. I think i might get an replacement. Notice the thing move from place to place. See the images below
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