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So Im currently using a q6600 and it was amazing a few years ago, but the days of maxed out oblivion are long gone. And now that games are being designed with the ps4 ect in mine it simply cant perform anymnore.

I have a 700w power supply, harddrives, and a case along with all the peripherals.

What I need advice on is the Cpu, Gpu, Mother Board, and ram. I'm looking to spend between 400 and 850.

Ill be willing to spend closer the upper end if the hard ware will have me playing games on high / very high settings for a long period of time (3-5 years) "futureproofing"

Cpu- I wouldn't mind over clocking as long as it was worth the cost increase. I would do a minor overclock as to not decrease the lifespan of the chip. Also it being in a socket that could be upgraded later might be nice (especially if its on the low end)

So i was thinking either the i5-3350, i5-4670k, or the i7-4770k (if it "futureproofs")

Gpu- I currently have a gtx 560 and was wondering if buying a second card for sli worth it or if will be much happier with something like the GTX760 2GB GDDR5 256bit.

Mother board- if i were to get a good video card id probably want to be able to Sli it later when the price drops.

Ram I was thinking 8 gigs for now but Im not sure what would be a good frequency/ price.

Sorry if it was wordy
Thanks in advance! (cause I've been doing a lot of reading but i haven't done a build in 4 years so i don't want to mess this up =b)
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  1. Let me work on some build options real quick for you. Will try to get you the best performance I can to fit that budget.
  2. Honestly I would look at starting clean here because if your still sticking with old SATA II drives in a new system again your using legacy stuff that will bottleneck. There are several deals liek picking up a i7 Haswell Lenovo 'Box' 8GB 1TB DVD W8, for only $529 (see then swap the PSU for your 700 (bit over kjill but you have it already) then toss in the current GPus ($149-$499) and your golden and performance enhanced. If you drop down to a i5 Haswell (skip the 3xxx because they are older) you can drop down to about $349 but still PSu and GPU swaps.
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    Okay, this build here is $26 more than your max, but it will give you max future proofing within an ok range of your budget, and I even got you up to a GTX 770:
    However, if you absolutely have to be under $850, this build here achieves that by "downgrading" from an i7-4770k to an i5-4670k. I put "downgrade" in quotes because an i5-4670k is absolutely more than sufficient for gaming. Here's some head-to-head benchmarking if you want to compare:

    Also, in the second build I changed the GPU to an MSI Gaming edition, but it's still a GTX 770. The MSI Gaming edition comes with a noticeably higher clock speed than the PNY, and still fits under the $850, so why not? It's $9 more, so if you want to go with the i7, you could probably get the MSI version there, too. Hope these help!
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