Best 140mm and 120mm fans?

Hello I'm building a high-end gaming rig in a Corsair 450D, but I'm a little worried about the noise of the stock fans, as the case is rather open.

The stock fans (2 AF 140L, 1 AF 120L) are good for airflow but I fear they will be a bit loud without a fan controller. So while I could buy a fan controller I think just adding better fans might do the job better(?).

I'm looking for high quality fan with a nice balance of airflow and noise levels. I've heard that Thermalright TY-140's are very good fans for achieving this, but I have no idea of any good 120mm fans. Suggestions?

Thanks for your time.
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  1. Hi Bellaflica ,
    The Bitfenix spectre pro series of fans will give you high cfm with a quiet operation and a choice of led if that is what you want , long life also ,
    i have had them in my case for about 3years and they still work as good as the day i installed them
  2. Those fans seem very nice. Would you recommend those over the Thermalright TY-140's? What about Corsair's AF Quiet Edition or Cougar fans?

    I think the specs for the Bitfenix is the best but I think it has high pressure, which you only want for water cooling, right?
  3. Noctua NFF-12's. There's no way in hell you'll ask about fans without them being mentioned. All Noctua fans are high quality and widely recommended.
  4. I've actually never heard of that Noctua, although they do seem to be popular, and likely a great choice for my 120mm fan.
  5. Best answer
    yes i would recommend them over the thermalright ty140's 74cfm and the corsair af 140 pushes 64cfm , the cougar 140 pushes 73cfm and The bitfenix spectre pro pushes 86cfm , beats em all
    including the noctua 140mm fans although they really are a quallity fan as Redheadsrule13 stated but they don't have the high cfm of the spectre pro's
  6. the spectre pro's are case fans not rad fans, for maximum airflow they are hard to beat they are not static pressure fans by any means
  7. Well..I can't really argue with that xD.

    Looks like I will go with the Bitfenix then, and they are also relatively cheap which is a plus. Thanks for your help micky.

    One last question, do you think I should buy a fan controller for these fans? The 450D has no fan controller or LED switch so I think it might be worth having.
  8. yes it is a good idea , i have all mine controlled and can turn them up or down as needed
  9. Alright, thank you again man I really appreciate your time.
  10. you're welcome m8 , hope it all goes well for you
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