New built gaming computer locks up completely during use

G'day everyone,

I've recently purchased a parts for a new gaming PC, put them together, and enjoyed using my new machine. However, there is a persistent, annoying issue which I need some help with.

All my drivers for the hardware are updated (I think). I literally only use my computer for playing games (max settings, for long periods of time, obviously).

The PC can often lock up at completely random times. I could be playing Battlefield 4, or just on skype. Once before it actually froze as I woke the computer from sleep. It results in me having to do a hard reset. I'm hoping its not a hardware issue considering its a relatively new PC (about 5 months old) so if anyone wouldn't mind giving me a helping hand with any suggestions that would be great!

Here are my specs:

Operating System - Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

CPU - QuadCore Intel Core i5-4650 @3.40GHz
Motherboard - ASRock H87 PRO4
RAM- 4GBx2 XMS 3

Video Card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770
Monitor - LG 22EA53 [22" LCD]

Cooling - Cooler Master Seidon 120v water cooling
Case - Corsair Graphite Series 230T

Power supply -Corsair CX750

Crucial 120GB SSD
ATA 1TB HDD (2 Partitions 500GB each)

If any more info is needed, please just go ahead and ask.
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    It might be faulty RAM, check one stick at the time. Install only one 4GB and see how it goes, if it freezes up check with the other 4GB RAM. If you don't experience any freezes with only one stick of 4BG of RAM, return it and seek for warranty replacement.
  2. Will do, but I'm currently going to leave memtest running for a few hours to see what results it brings up.

    Will post the results and whether it's the RAM.
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