Re-Install of Windows 7 onto Acer Aspire Desktop

Hey Everyone! :)

I have an Acer Aspire desktop pc that had a hard drive failure, tomorrow I'm grabbing a new hard drive but I have a quick question, being a prebuilt pc it obviously didn't come with a Windows 7 disc, however, the Windows 7 Serial Key is on the side, which means I can re-activate it with the key provided. Right?

I was just wondering how I get Windows 7 onto a disc, and then enter that serial key.

A mate has a windows 7 disc he said I can borrow, but will the serial on the side of the case work with a disc that didn't come with it?

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    Hi Liamrox287
    yes you will have no trouble reinstalling windows 7 on the new drive and you should be able to activate windows with that serial if you cannot activate , upon activation you will be given the option to activate by phone and a number for microsoft , on the screen you will have a series of codes
    you must read to them , then they will give you the activation codes , either way you will have no problems
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