Asus P8P67 PRO BSOD at W7 Loading Screen

So hello everyone. I'm having this issue that hopefully somebody can help me with.

I update my BIOS version from 1502 to 3602 (I hadnt a valid reason for it honestly, just a dumb move). Everything was fine and the computer was working correctly. Although I noticed something strange but not severe, that was a cpu core temp difference that I have not seen before. Anyway, after a few hours I had the brilliant idea to downgrade my bios to its previous version, 1502.
I wanna make it clear that I had not suffered any issue with this update other than this core temp difference which honestly was perfectly normal (and ondly on idle load) and I'm a picky idiot. Clearified that...

So I searched a few tutorials and I ended up with this one ( which followed successfully apparently.

I did every single step and it worked fine. I finally turn on the pc again, enter BIOS, everything worked alright in there, load default settings (I do overclock but nothing to extreme really, but of course I wanted to try everything with stock settings before doing anything), save and reset and let windows starts.

W7 animation in loading screen starts and all of the sudden BSOD. I can't get past it. I tried safemode, recovering files and every possible mode, but no, nothing gets past this screen without BSODing.

I thought the BIOS had gone right but it doesnt look like that. Kind of in a desperate move I re-update BIOS to 3602 hoping that it will fix things but no. It didnt. It stills BSODs at W7 startup.

My system is as follows:

i5 2500k
Asus P8P67 Pro
4GB DDR3 1333MHz x 2
XFX 650W XXX Edition
GTX 580 MSI Twin Frozr II
SSD Crucial M4 128 GB
HDD WD Black 1TB

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. So I've been thinking that I will get the mobo fixed tomorrow, but I'd like to have options in mind.

    Is gigabyte Z77X-UD3H a good replacement for my motherboard? Bear in my mind I do apply GPU and CPU overclock (nothing to extreme tho, 4.4 for the 2500k and a few mhz to the GPU).
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    Problem was BIOS Vcore for the CPU was set on Auto, which was delivering 1.13V. It was so 'undervolted' that it made it crash everytime. Set it on manual and 1.2V and everything works fine now.
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