Is vram affected by resolution?, when playing a game what role does vram play?

I want to know how VRAM affects graphics in games

On average how much vram would 960 x 540 need ?
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  1. Vram stores the image that is displayed on the screen, the bigger the resolution the larger the image therefore more ram is needed.
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    not entirely (effect game performance single screen - sub 1080p resolution), but greater the resolution, the more Vram is needed to drive the display/s. A low end GPU with great amounts of Vram is pointless as the GPU core itself will struggle powering such high resolutions. Vram effects gaming performance to a degree but 2GB is prime enough for sub 1080p, anything over 3GB-4GB-6GB and now 8GB will be beneficial for huge resolutions.
  3. Yes it is. the higher the res the more Vram is used and the higher AA the more V ram is used.
  4. On average how much vram would 960 x 540 need ?
  5. Not much and 1GB would be more than enough!
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