PC Shutting off randomly whilst playing Diablo 3

Hi guys,

I've playing a game, Diablo 3, have done over the years without any trouble whatsoever.
As of late, I have experienced my computer randomly turning itself off. I have checked GPU and I am certain it is not related to that. I believe it is my CPU overheating. I gave the pc a good dust today as there was quite alot of dust in my case. Reapplied some thermal paste, and still turning off after 15-30mins of playing on high settings. Tried turning of vsync and lowering settings, still same result. Instant shutdown.

I tried turning my pc back on straight after it had turned off, and it turned itself back off again after about 5 sec. Thats when I was pretty sure it was a temp problem, b ut want to get a second opinion.

My PC:

Phenom II x6 3.2ghz
Gigabyte GA-870A UD3 motherboard
Coolermaster 750W PSU
EVGA GTX780 3gb G/Card
20gb RAM (2x 2gb corsair and 2x 8gb corsair)
Windows 8
SSD 120gb

If the problem is the CPU I was wondering what would be my best next steps would be.
Replace CPU, as well as cooling? psu related?

Any help would be great.


- J
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  1. Hi, are you using a stock cooler for your cpu? I would download a program like RealTemp 3.70 and monitor you CPU temperatures and then set up a different fan profile or buy a better cooler. Also what case do you use? Good air flow in a case is always important in keeping everything cool.
  2. Yes stock cooler, and case is old version of Antec 900.

    When I booted my pc after a 'shutdown' the cpu fan seemed to be considerably louder. Which is why I think its CPU related.

    Tried Realtemp as you suggested, seems to be only compatible with Intel CPUs.

    There should be reasonably good airflow as there are plenty of fans and everything seems cool other than the cpu.
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    Real Temp is an Intel only program. CoreTemp works with both, just avoid the installer(my antivirus wouldn't let me run it. but the standalone version is clean).

    Having a second monitor helps so you can see the temps while playing. There is a method for getting MSI Afterburner(possibly EVGA's Precision X as well) to show CPU temps in it's overlay(in game) as well if you are interested.

    Make sure you reseated the CPU cooler properly after replacing the thermal paste. If its not making proper contact it will overheat.

    For temps 60c is the highest you'll want to see, anything much higher is definitely bad.

    Edit: AMD states the Max Operating temp to be 55-62c for the 1090T(Thermal shutdown is 90c) So unless your motherboard has a lower limit for shutdown, you're hitting 90c. Or it could be your PSU....but it's hard to say,
  4. Oh and you don't mention which EVGA GTX 780 you have. One of the ACX versions will be dumping heat inside the case, not helping your CPU temps.

    I have Gigabytes Windforce 780 but my H60 is cooled from outside air, so it's less an issue.
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