Can't run computer after bios update with new GPU, please help ASAP

I need help ASAP.
So I got my card yesterday, removed my old card, installed the new R9 270x Toxic one, redid windows since I was going to anyways, cause why not start fresh. So everything was working fine, did all the drivers, tried out the GPU with a few games, everything went fine. Then I updated my motherboards bios, and it asked for a restart, and when it restarted, the comupter wouldn't power on at all. There is just a click sound like it wants to start, but powers off the same second I try to power it on. Also maybe one important thing, I used UEFI button on the GPU, it was on, and it worked fine, after the mobo bios update, as I said, I try to power up and also the UEFI button on the GPU flashes, like it would try to start up, but it cant (tried to turn it off or on, no difference).
SO, I read a ton of forums for like 6-7 hours, much of them are nonsense, and typical:
"did you check your cables, PSU maybe not strong enough, try different slot or freakin' drivers within windows itself" but that isn't the case. And I know sometimes the dumbest thing can be the problem.
I can start the computer and enter bios on my HD4670 card(previous one) and my iGPU, but I think it has to do something with the settings in bios, maybe the CSM or which Video Output has to be enabled, I tried PCI-E output instead of auto, but I think it resets back to AUTO, only thing I can do is set it to iGPU, but as soon as I get my R9 card in, it wont power up. Also as I said, might have something to do with CSM, like if its Legacy or UEFI boot, I tried switching a few options, but no luck.
Please help me as soon as possible, I really had trouble sleeping last night from all the frustration, cause its a new card and nothing was wrong, everything was perfect. And I will never upgrade bios ever. Btw, I've even tried downgrading bios to its previous version, didn't help, so I returned it to the upgraded one since it isn't the bios cause the computer works fine with other card and iGPU, but not with the R9.

As everyone writes their rig components, if it will help you
i5 3570 stock clock
2x4GB Kingston HyperX Beast OC on 2400Mhz
Asus P8Z77-M bios version 2105
PSU Corsair CS750M
R9 270x Toxic (Sapphire)
Previous card was HD4670

Sorry if I sound harsh, I'm too pissed, too tired and too sick of computers since I had too much work last few weeks, making rigs for other people and servicing some old comupters which is very very frustrating. Thank you in advance, and I really respect your time if you read this or if you even took a glance.
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    since the other card works. leaves us with a bad gpu. try replace/warranty if possible.
  2. ModernWarfare said:
    since the other card works. leaves us with a bad gpu. try replace/warranty if possible.

    Ye I'm thinking of getting it replaced 95%, I'm sick of it. Prolly lost some weight over the frustration, which isnt that bad.
    I'll see if anyone maybe has other thoughts, if its a dumb problem, no1 knows...something I overseen.
    But thanks MW, gave you the score UP thingy, since I've seen you on the forums loads of times while I was searching for answers.
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