will a zotac gtx 770 amp edition 2gb gpu work with a gigabyte gtx 650 ti as a dedicated physx card?

hey guyzz... thank u fr reading...
I just wanted to ask if a zotac gtx 770 would work with a gigabyte gtx 650 ti(coz its my old card and I am upgrading to a gtx 770) as a dedicated physx card..... and also tell me how it will perform.... will it degrade or upgrade the average fps of the games...
My system specs are :-
1.) Intel i7-3770k at 4.3 ghz maxed
2.)16gb kingston hyperx ram at 1600 mhz
3.)gigabyte z77-d3h mobo
4.)wd elements 2 tb hdd at 10000 rpm
5.)cooler master GX-650w BRONZE psu
Also tell me if the psu will handle both the cards or not....
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    It should work very well alongside a GTX 770..... on GPU accelerated PhysX games.
  2. is the psu sufficient to handle both the cards...?
  3. Probably not, I would recomend that you upgrade your PSU before attempting to run both cards. 750 watt would be okay but I would go for an 800 to 850 watt PSU to give the PSU some overhead room.
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