FX-8350 vs i5-4670k and Other Issues!

Hey Guys,

I am currently upgrading the Ram, CPU, Case and Cooling of my PC.

I am currently deciding between a FX-8350, Which I may OC, or a i5 4670K.

I am currently having issues in games such as Farming Simulator 2013 and Far Cry 3, Were I get really bad stutter at High Fps and I also get really low fps, thiss is also apparent in Mafia 2 when I get around 90fps but bad stutter with Vsync Enabled and without it aswell.

I currently have a Sapphire HD7870 and I heard AMD Chips are better with AMD Graphics Cards, and the reason for some of stutter is this. I currently have a i3 3220 and I think this is causing some of the stuttering and performance loss. Should I go Intel and take the risk on the stuttering or should I play safe and get the FX and Use That.

Will the FX-8350 still be fast and responsive and how much performance benefit will I get over the i3 in most games, As I want a Fast PC with No Lags!.

So what then guys!.

Also I am getting a new motherboard so what is a good gaming motherboard in the sub £100 range.

Also what cooling should I get for my CPU and Case and is Corsair Vengance 8GB good enough for gaming.

Or should I just wait and upgrade my graphics card, if that is causing this horrible unplayable lack of performance in games.

I may also note in Farming Simulator even with clip distances adjusted there is no lag when no equpiment is bought but when I purchase Farm Animals, and Tractors Etc, I get a really bad drop of FPS into the 30's, Is this the graphics card or proccessor?.

Thanks for the help in advance guys!

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    First of all, all amd cards do not perform better in amd cpus. Only amd r7 and r9 series graphics card performs well with amd fx cpus. The games you mentioned can be played in ur pc without any problem. Check for background apps running in ur pc. Ur processor cant handle many background processes. Scan ur pc for any virus or malware. If u still find the need for a processor upgrade, both are best choices as they perform as they will with ur graphics card
  2. Thanks Man!

    Do you think a processor upgrade is worth it?
  3. Thanks Man!

    Do you think a processor upgrade is worth it?
  4. the 3220 is a good processor as I currently have the fx 6300 that competes with it and love it. Both of the processors you mentioned are great processors with minor draw backs to both. If you only plan on playing those games then the cpu you have should do find for a while but the (in my opinion)future proofing of duel cors is almost gone. The intel i5 will be good for another couple to a few years, same with the amd. So my thoughts are if you can afford it go with the i5 and a compatible mobo, and if you want to overclock get the "k"version with a z87 mobo. Intel will get you smoother game play as it produces better highs and higher low frame-rates.
  5. i use AMD cpus but i have my reasons for that, but i will concede that intel cpus are top of the market.
  6. You are better off getting a 3570. Depending on your motherboard you could get a 3570K and overclock it. Either solution is faster than the 8350.

    Honestly there could be a number of other factors causing your "stuttering"

    Please post full system specs and confirm that your graphic card drivers are up to date. Did you build this system yourself?
  7. Specs;
    i3 3220
    Sapphire HD7870
    Corsair CX600
    1TB Seagate Baracuda
    8GB Ram from Old Lenovo PC
  8. The Novice Builder said:
    i3 3220
    Sapphire HD7870
    Corsair CX600
    1TB Seagate Baracuda
    8GB Ram from Old Lenovo PC

    Probabky the ram is taking you down or the PSU. Run stress test like Memtest 86+ and see how many test it will handle, if it doesnt handle any/1/2 tests its crappy ram and needs to be upgraded.
  9. You should be running at least 8GB of DDR3 1600mhz. That may be your bottleneck. The i3 3220 is a pretty decent processor for gaming, and while it may bottleneck a GTX 780 ti, I think it's a decent match for a 7870.

    I think you may be dissapointed by upgrading to the 8350 and not getting the performance gains you are expecting.
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