HELP! Laptop won't boot! (stuck at "press F1 to access...."/ BIOS Startup/Title Screen)

I needed to make an accout here on Tom's Hardware just to ask how to solve my booting problem.

So before all this,I think this happened when I accidentally removed the plug of my Laptop (battery removed) and so it had an improper shutdown.

After that, I booted my laptop then I get stuck at the booting title screen where it says at the bottom "Press F1 to access BIOS screen" or something like that.

Sometimes with luck, I don't get stuck on the title screen but for some reason my arrow keys doesn't work anymore when I am given a selection at the Dual Boot menu or at the menu where in you choose to boot in Safe Mode, Start windows normally and stuff..

Oh and also when I reach my Desktop, My mouse doesn't work anymore. Sometimes it does, but minutes later it will not work again.

But guys most of the time I get stuck at the Boot Title Screen! Help!

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  1. If you remove the laptop casing and you may find a small button battery (CMOS) shut down and remove this battery, wait a few seconds and then reinsert it. Then reboot the laptop. This will reset the BIOS (basic input/output system).

    If that doesn't work shut down, remove the laptop battery and plug in the charger and boot up.

    And if that doesn't work, try and boot in safe mode, then when you have reached the desktop try shutting down properly from the start menu and then try rebooting normally.
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