Increasing ram, screen fuzzy?

Ok, so i am having this problem for the last 4 laptops, i have owned, since DDR3 ram came. Whenever , i have tried to upgrade my ram, for example, from 4GB ddr3 to 8GB ddr3, the laptop screen just becomes sort of fuzzy, means the picture becomes kind of soft, doesnt stay as sharp as it came with the stock ram. This increases eye strain. I have tried it with the last 4 laptops and all of them had the same problem. I just dont get it, though it increases graphics performance, but with 8gb or higher ram i have experienced lots of eye strain and sometimes it become unbearable for me to focus on screen? Has anyone else experienced the same. This is really strange.
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  1. yep that is really really strange. The only thing I can think is that the igpu has had the amount of ram it can use reset, but this very very unlikely tbh and I find it odd that it can cause this effect.
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