shut down problem, psu or motherboard??

ok, I've asked this question before, but I got too busy with school that I couldn't find the time to reply last time. anyway, here's my problem:

my computer keeps shutting down after around 30mins. alot of people I've asked said it might be the PSU or mobo, but more likely the PSU, so after around 2months I finally decided to buy a PSU since its cheaper than the mobo.

installed the new one, still the same problem. it shuts down around the same time even when under stress or not. i also checked the temps and they're all fine. i just noticed the other part of the problem before.

it only shows 8gb ram instead of my 16gb ram before, so I decided to switch around the ram sticks and see which one was working. seems that only 2 of the 4 ddr3 slots are working. i tried all the sticks and when they're in those 2 slots, they are working fine, the other 2 are not working.

right now it seems that the mobo is the problem and not the PSU. if that's the case, should i buy a new one with the same brand and everything?? i don't wanna encounter any problems while installing a new one that's why I want the same motherboard, or should i buy something different?? also, should I keep the new PSU or return it?? its 600w compared to my old one which is 400W, I don't know the differences though other than that, they're all the same.

or is there another problem with my pc?? if you need more information just ask, I'll give them right away, thank you.

pc specs:
gigabyte ga-b75m-d3h motherboard
intel i7
16gb ram (or 8...)
3tb hdd and a smaller size ssd (has the OS in it) i forgot how much gb...
i forgot what nvidia the graphics is.
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  1. its most likely a faulty board. replace it with the same or get a new one.
  2. If you replace the mb with the same model and brand you won't have to do anything extra to the os to get it to boot. Remember to check the warranty because depending on when you bought it, the mb may still be under warranty.
  3. thx about that, guess i'll get the same motherboard, but what about my psu?? should i return it or should i keep it?? i read that psu ages faster when you use the computer more, and i've been using the pc for around 17hrs on weekdays and 24hrs on weekends for a year. i don't know if the psu might break down next.
  4. What brand and model of psu and how many years have you had it?
  5. i dont know the brand for my old one, it came w/ the pc. the one i got now that i can return is thermaltake tr2 600w. i just got it in bestbuy. the old one is 400w and a year old that was used almost a full day everyday btw.
  6. A good psu should last 3-7 years. Most of mine had to be replaced around 4-5 years.

    Quality of the psu is the most important thing for longevity. TT is not the best name in the psu world but that particular brand is about the best they have. I would still suggest getting a properly sized XFX brand psu but it is hard to tell you what size to get without knowing your graphics card model.
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