how do I get hd channels to work on my new westinghouse dw39f1y1 without a cable box?

my old tv was almost ten years old and was able to pick up my hd channels just fine. Now my brand new westinghouse won't pick them up what am I not doing right? I do not have a cable box, it's connected straight from the wall. Also my surround will only work through the mic jack on the back. But then it has to be surround only, sound won't come through the tv. If anyone can help me figure this out I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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    If you have not run a channel scan so that the TV can detect what HD channels you can get then do so.
    Your TV has an optical digital audio output. That is the one you should use. If your surround sound system does not have optical in then you need one of these:
  2. There is no "mic" jack on TVs. Mic jacks are only found on stage, nightclub, karaoke, & audio recording equipment. Read the full manual to get it to work properly.
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