GTX 670 Graphics card high temperature and loud?

Hello. I built my first PC around 6 months ago now, I've noticed that my graphics card is quite loud whenever I play higher end games. I know that the fan has to work harder on higher end games but the fan is quite loud, was wondering if this is normal?

The reason I ask this question is because when I built the PC my graphics card fell off the table onto a wooden floor, it landed on the metal bracket which secures it to the backplate of the case, bending it very slightly. But it ran heaven benchmark fine, didnt crash or anything, im not having any performance issues with it, so I assumed all is well. But could I have damaged the fan?

At the moment, im running Elder scrolls online, all settings maxed, and my GPU temperature is 82 and the fan speed is at 59% apparently (according to msi afterburner). Im thinking of upgrading my graphics card soon, partially because the noise it makes is so damn annoying.

Incase this information is needed my PC specs are;

8GB RAM (Fast, decent RAM, cant remember exact speed)
3.8ghz quad core processor
and ofcourse the GTX 670 graphics card

Thankyou for the quick replies, it is much appreciated. I don't think that it is dust, because it has been like this from day one, and I cant see any dust on it.
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  1. have you tried to increase the fan speed from the monitoring program ?
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    At those temperatures I'm surprised it's not running even faster. That is completely normal, though. You can always reduce the temperatures and subsequently the automatic fan speed by increasing the airflow in your case by cleaning up some wires and adding case fans, but I wouldn't suggest reducing fan speeds when you're already getting close to the thermal limit.
  3. What model GTX 670 do you have? Is it reference or does it use a aftermarket cooler like the MSI Twin Frozr or Asus DCUII?

    It is most likely that the heat and noise increase is due to dust build up restricting airflow and insulating the PC's heat. Giving the whole thing a thorough dust with a can of compressed air (can be bought for about £4) will help massively.
  4. It may be dusty, which will certainly contribute to those temperatures, or it may be lack of airflow. It will help us help you if you can tell us what the inside of your case looks like.
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