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Recently I purchased the GTX 770, it has been working great! Apart from the fact when I started playing "Rust" my PC randomly shut off and I began to smell burning. Now it wont turn on, when I hit the on button (1/5 times) the LED on the case turns on so I assume the power supply has just burnt out.

I have the Storm Silent LPK19-35 and assumed because it was 700w it would handle the 770 perfectly well. Apparently not, so what i want to know is whether there is a was to test each piece of hardware to see if it's still working and not been fried? Or will it be a case of purchasing a new PSU before I can see whether the rest of my hardware is still intact?

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  1. The recommended PSU for a 770 is 600W. Take the graphics card out. Then try turning on the PC. If it still doesn't work, you friend the PSU.
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    Just replace the psu,whatever you try for the rest,,d.Yms&cad=rja
    this 700wat for that price with only those connectors is just doesn't even have enough pcie power connectors,according to that link,to power the card which means you're using a molex->pcie adapter which means that you probably are taking amps from the wrong rail since it has two.

    After you get a new psu you can check if the rest is fried.A good choice in the UK is the next,
    if you live elsewhere let us know.
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