I need help finding an off the shelf model that will fit the graphics card that I want to use.

Ok my credit card only has a limit of $500 so I can't order this online. I'll have to go into a store and buy this with cash. I was wanting to buy an off the self model that is upgradable. I was thinking about getting something with an Amd apu so I can play some games while I'm waiting for the r9 295x to come out or getting two gtx 780ti to run in sli. The problem is that it's hard to research my options because the stores don't tell me what motherboard is inside of the tower or how many PCI express slots are on the motherboard. The 295x will be a dual slot and the 780ti is a dual a lot for just one card. That means that I need at least 2 or 4 slots to make this work. Can somebody please recommend an off the shelf model that can fit the graphics card/cards.
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  1. You don't want a APU with a 295x or 780ti's. The APU will bottleneck the hell out of those cards. If you only have a $500 limit, order $500 worth of stuff, pay it off, order $500 more, or take your cash and buy prepaid mastercards with it, open a paypal account and transfer your money to it and buy with that.

    And really any off the shelf system from bestbuy or whereever (you don't even mention where you live or where you are looking to buy "off the shelf" from) but the PSU will probably suck in it, the motherboard won't really be up to SLI/crossfire, the case probably won't be big enough, etc, etc, etc.

    You have two goals that don't match up. Buying a cheap bestbuy system and wanting to put a $1500 GPU in it doesn't make sense and will suffer.
  2. Ok what would you suggest? I can go with a conventional CPU setup. I have a $1500 budget for graphics cards. As for the rest of the system I just want it to be "good enough." Later down the road when it's time to upgrade I want to just take my incredible graphics cards and plug them into a upgraded motherboard and CPU. I don't know this for a fact but I assume that the gpu is more important than the CPU for my application. What processor do you think I will need if I'm only going to use this for games? My overall budget is $2000-$2500, 1500 of which will be spent on the gpu. This build does not include a monitor or speakers.
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    A good processor right now would be the i5 4670K, and I think you would be better off just buying parts a few at a time, and then when you have it all put it together.
  4. I was lucky enough to convince my father to let me use his card and pay him in cash 30 seconds after I ordered it. The system will come with a Amd fx9590 and a r9 290 card, 2 tb hard drive and 120 gig ssd. It only comes with 8gb of ram but the board had enough slots for 32gb. Upping the ram will be my first upgrade. Thanks for the help.
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