Help with my GTX 660 Ti. OC question

Hey there i've been working at overclocking my GTX 660 Ti. Exact card; ( )

I've been using MSI Afterburner. My driver is 337.50.

I've increase the CPU clock by 30 Mhz, and the memory by 75 Mhz and I can even get the clock to +115~, with the memory +225~ without a problem. Though when I play titanfall i've had the driver crash a couple times, and the game has stopped responding while playing. I've increased the core voltage up to +40, and the power limit to +105 even.

I'm newer to overclocking i've done it before but have always ended up running stock. Is there anyone with this card who could help me out? Or someone who's experienced enough at OC'ing.

Also would it be better to use EVGA Precision X?
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