Is this Fine? 500 watt enough for a 760

Hey guys i was wondering if the Corsair GS500 is enough to power a:

Fx 6300
Gtx 760 Evga
Asus M5a97 r2.0
1 Tb hdd
and a bunch of fans
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  1. Yeah That will be enough. its always a good idea to go a little bigger so your PSU isnt working as hard.
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    yes indeed :). the gtx 760's max power is 170watts. the fx 6300 max power is 95watts. TOTAL 265W/22A.
  3. Yes, that will get you going for a long time, only time you might need to get a new one is going with 2 R9 280's in CrossFireX.
  4. I will be planning to sli it so what power supply do i use to run 2 of them ?
  5. You should probably run close to 750 or 800W to run 2 of them.
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