will a bronze 750w psu support a gtx 770 sc and an 8350?

Also wanted to know if a hyper 212 EVO can keep a stock 8350 at cool temps.

If you guys have any recommendations feel free to comment them.

AMD fx 8350
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Asus M5a97 R2.0
8gb G.Skill Ripjaws
western Digital 1tb caviar blue
EVGA GTX 770 sc w/ ACX cooling
Thermaltake Armor revo gene
Corsair CX 750w 50+ Bronze
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    212 evo is ok, but to overclock more you might need better cooler.
    Cx series is ok, but wouldn't sli.
  2. Yes and Yes, however, I'd recommend getting something better than the CX series, such as the HX series. Also consider the Seasonic G and X series 750W units, they're MUCH better than the low end Corsair CX units and have better warranties as well (5/7yrs vs 3).
  3. yes 750W is plenty
  4. One quick question,

    Corsair HX 750w semi-modular 80+ gold vs xfx 750w 80+ bronze

    I know xfx uses seasonic parts which are considered to be the best and have warranty's like doubletake said
  5. There should be an xfx black edition 750w gold on pcpartpicker which is very highly rated if you want to replace psu for future sli.
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