What's the best computer case to use for an msi Z87-G41 PC Mate Motherboard?

I bought the above motherboard at Micro Center, but the computer case they sold me with it is a Thermaltake VL80001W2Z, and the wires from the case don't match up well with the motherboard. Any ideas on the best case to use for this motherboard?
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  1. usually wires come with other parts as psu and motherboards and it should fit with some case wires too.
  2. I returned the Thermaltake for a Corsair Box, and it was incredibly easy to put together and use. The SATA Drives slip into their individual slots and are securely held in place or removed if need be . Access to the connectors/power was just as easy. Depending on your processor, you'll probably want/need to add a couple of fans. The MSI board comes with its own software/disk so you have easy access to monitor your system at any given moment.
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