Eyefinity problem, can you help me out with this?

Hello, i have few problem that i need to help within

i want to turn on 3rd monitor,but problem is, there is 2 on, and if i try turn third one on, than other one is off. in other word, two monitor at one time so my PC say.. I have been using 2 monitor, and they really help me so much, so i want to try third for things and gaming

Main one is on HDMI
Secondary (used for 2 year) is on DPI
Third one that i want to connect is on DP (Displayport > HDMI cable, both male, one is Displayport and other end is HDMI)S please help me :( i am having hard time to try it...

When i try eyefinity, it only show two display, not third one even though my computer know i have third..
this is what i did
1: Right click on destop
2: click first one (AMD Catalyst Control Center)
3: click eyefinity setting,
4: Click number 2 (Main montior) and countine
5: Options: Display 1x2, Display 2x1 no options for 3 display...I want 3 so i can have fun gaming or others

I try to extended 3rd, but i cannot to that.. until one of monitor is off
my spec
AMD R9 280X by sapphire company (200 series, so that is 280X)
Intel Core I5 3350
Motherboard:Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H
Window 7 64-bit
8GB ram

Please excuse my English and grammar
i best looking forward to hear your answer :)
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  1. may help lower settings on 3th one and try again.
  2. kapitalistas said:
    may help lower settings on 3th one and try again.

    uuhh? Please explain in details? I am very new do this. So would you kindly explain please?
  3. when your identify monitor you can choose resoliution your wanna use for that display.
  4. Sounds like the converter you're using is "active",thats the important part sadly.

    EDIT: ISN'T* active. Need to pay more attention when i type
  5. Best answer
    CrispyChips said:
    Sounds like the converter you're using is "active",thats the important part sadly.

    displayport-hdmi wont work unless its an active adapter, i had the same problem i got a mini dp to hdmi and it will see it as hdmi so you will have 2 hdmi's connected so you need to get an active adapter.
  6. Okay, thank to all of your suggest, i will get active adapter tomorrow or by end of week. If it didn't work, i need other solutions. And question to Kapitalistas, all 3 monitor is 1920x1080, i dont see any wrong with that, my computer know third is here, but it wont let me connect, as if two is limited, but i know that my GPU allowed more than 3.
  7. did all 3 supports same resolution.
  8. All eyefinity/NVsurround cards,besides Sapphire "FleX" cards, only generate two clocks that sync with the monitors.
    DisplayPort uses a separate digital signal and that is what allows 3+ monitors.
  9. Problem have been solved, Thank you for all of your help, as Crispychips and vampyiere6 said, it need Active adapter :)
    Thank you all for your time.
    And, yes Kapitalistas, they to have same resolutions
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