Difference between USB 3.0 and 2.0 significant?

Long story. While I was installing my h80i, I broke 1 pin on my 19 pin usb port. Now only 1 3.0 usb slot works correctly on the front panel. No big deal, I use my keyboard and mouse on the 2 usb 3.0 slots on the back. The only working 3.0 slot is for my headset. The slot that use to be working, but now is dead, use to be for my xbox360 controller. (Basically the 2 3.0 usb slots on the front panel is half working, 1 working only now) To fix this, I plugged my 360 controller into the 2.0 on the back. Will effect my controller/gaming performance?
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    No it will not. USB 3 and USB 2 are backwards compatible, so each works on each. The only time you can get a data transfer advantage with USB3 is when you have a USB 3 device, such as a USB. However, the data transferred between a controller and computer is not enough to merit a USB3 connection.
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