HDMI sound to tv not working but picture is

I'm running Windows 8 on a desktop I built last year and the sound stopped working when connecting to my TV as my second display. It worked last week but doesn't now.

The video through the HDMI works fine but when I go to playback devices and show the disconnected devices, it says the TV is not plugged in.

I'm using this Video Card:

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. rebooting may help.
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    with windows sound make sure the nvidia hdmi sound drivers is installed. in windows sound device manager make sure it set to output from the hdmi cable and not speaker output.
  3. Thanks smorizio, that worked. Do you know why it would just stop working all of a sudden if it was already working before the update?
  4. if the video card driver update installed a newer version of the hdmi audio driver then windows may have falled back to speakers as standard audio output.
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