CPU Replacement/FPS Drops while recording

Okay, so I want to start recording and uploading videos to youtube since I actually have fun doing it but for some reason whenever I record my FPS drop significantly. For example, I tested this on minecraft and was getting around 140-220 FPS on beefy settings along w/ a HD texture pack, but when I record I get choppy frames and drop to about 30-40 fps. I have a AMD R9 270x and a lynnfrield i5 750 (I know, I know it's sad). So, I was planning on upgrading my CPU to an 8350, which of course means i'd have to replace the MOBO. So, I was wondering that if I did this would I had to re-install windows 7? I would like to avoid this since I don't have the disk or any way to prove I bought it since this pc was handed to me by my cousin who built it back in 2011 (I've been upgrading it slowly). I also read online that if I bought a capture card it would help my CPU out and not reduce my FPS as much as it does now....
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    Yes, you will have to reinstall Windows, and you will most likely have to purchase it again. A capture card can help, but with an 8350 you should be perfectly fine recording and streaming.
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