What overclock will not significantly affect lifetime (i7 4770k)


I'm well aware that pretty much any sort of overclocking will affect the lifespan of a cpu. I have a corsair h100i cooling my i7 4770k on a msi z87-g45 MOBO. My question is this: What would be a overclock that would not significantly affect the lifetime of my processor? Ideally I would like the processor to last me at least 8 years.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I've heard that, and believe that, ~4 Ghz will not significantly affect your CPU's lifetime. ~3.5 also might not significantly lengthen your CPU's lifespan.
  2. It's very relative. Frequency by itsself has no effect on cpu's lifespan. It's voltage, and temp variation.
    Some 4770k chips can achieve a higher stable clockrate at a set voltage than others, so look at it that way.
  3. Forgot to add, i'd not exceed 1.2v
  4. it's very difficult to answer, for a start nobody in the world has ever run a 4770k for 8 years overclocked to see if it last that long, nor stock clocked for that matter!

    There are so many variables.

    You could try to find out how long Intel designed a stock clocked CPU to last, over say a sample of 1000 (I bet it's not available) and then use some kind of derating value for the silicon based on temperatures and voltage, but it's neigh on impossible.

    The best information you can get is going to be someone who's run a particular sample, at a particular clock, voltage, temperature, cooler, daily usage for 1 year and it's not dead yet.
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    Overclocking a CPU will only shorten its lifespan if you run it at a high temperature for extended periods of time. There are plenty of people on these forums that still have a Core2Duo.

    As long as you maintain a good temperature (75C at full load is considered a safe limit for Intel) there's no reason why a processor can't last a lifetime. Overclocking and voltage adjustments won't harm your components, but excessive heat will.
  6. If you keep the temps reasonable the cpu well be obsolete before it fails. I attempt to keep cpu under 55C and gpu under 65C.
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