will my amd fx 6300 bottleneck my sapphire radeon hd 7950 in gaming ???

my cpu is overclocked at 4.1 ghz and my gpu is overclocked at 1055 mhz
is there any bottleneck in gaming?
and how do you know if you have a bottleneck?
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  1. If you can run games with good fps, you shouldn't worry about bottlenecks. If you can't, use task manger and MSI Afterburner (or something like that) to monitor CPU/GPU usage. The one that's being used 100% is the bottleneck.
  2. Like the guy above mentioned ^ go on Task Manager to check your CPU usage!
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    I tested this myself already, i had the gigabyte HD7950 paired with a 6300 on a msi board just before i built my new rig and no cpu bottleneck was found, it was a perfect match...the only game in witch the CPU was the limiting factor was a modded skyrim that i was running and it was not by much the card was running around 85-90% unless all you do is play old single-threaded games at 100+FPS, no this CPU will be no magor bottleneck...i tried the FX-6300 overclocked with my GTX 780 and it was still feeding the card to 100% in BF4 and crysis 3.
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